Psstt…I’m a bad blogger!

I’ve just realised I’m a bad blogger.

Actually, to tell the truth I’ve known this for quite a while.

I started this blog with the best intentions. I was going to share my thoughts and feelings and all the ups and downs associated with this wonderful new writing journey I was embarking on. I was going to share really interesting and insightful blog posts on a regular basis. But then reality set in.  What on earth was I going to talk about? When would I find the time to craft these fabulous messages? Who’d be interested in what I had to say anyway?

So I didn’t do anything – none, nil, nothing, nada…

The result? I didn’t need to find the time. I didn’t need to think about what to write. I didn’t communicate with anyone or make new friends. I didn’t challenge myself. I didn’t achieve anything.

I’m starting now. I’m posting this because I know that with each post it will get easier. I need to start somewhere. I’m sort of glad this blog is new because there aren’t that many of you out there reading what I have to say so I can start small, in this circle of friends, and build my confidence.

I was thinking about what makes a good blog (to me anyway).  I started a list and it’s become the wishlist for what I’d like my blog to be – okay, I’ve set myself a high target but if I’m going to try for something, why not aim for the top?

  • Interesting
  • Inspiring
  • Informative
  • Entertaining
  • Educational
  • Relevant
  • Amusing
  • and just a little bit naughty!

So wish me luck and maybe, if I can get my act together, you’ll see some gold class posts from me in the future. Or maybe you’ll just see some ramblings! 🙂

Lots of love,



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