I was planning to write a terribly insightful blog with a focus on procrastination. I was going to talk about all the reasons why I put off doing the things I really need to do, in favour of doing more pleasurable things.

I was going to share some of the psychology behind this behaviour and provide lots of really useful tips for overcoming the urge to put off the important stuff.

However I can’t be bothered. Instead, here’s some inspiration for things you can do instead of working through that To Do list. These are all things that I have done this weekend so they are ‘proven’ time-wasters.

1. Spend an hour looking through your recipe books for ideas for a special dinner you won’t be cooking until September.

2. Call your mother and chat on the phone for over an hour about absolutely nothing. Not that you shouldn’t call your mum but a quick call will do if you are seeing her the next day for lunch!

3. Research the price of second hand stuff that has been cluttering up the place for a while. Find out the prices are exactly the same as when you ‘researched’ a year ago. Decide that this time you will actually sell your stuff.

4. Check out ‘car duets’ on YouTube. Yes, this is lots of fun (and can fill a good hour or so). I will share a few favourites soon.

5. Do some housework. Okay, so not technically a time-waster as it needs to be done, but really, on the weekend? Housework on the weekend should be banned!

I did manage to fit some fun stuff into the weekend too – dinner out, a couple of episodes of Sparticus (you are probably thinking this should be classed as a time-waster but you would be wrong!), a fabulous bottle of Shiraz and some special time with my family. Oh, and of course I read a book or two.

My recommended weekend reading?

young man imagine by laying on the sofa

This is a nice story about two men with very different disabilities but both believing they are ‘too broken’ to ever find love. I loved the slow evolution of their relationship, their fragility and their strength.





Keep Swimming


A really nice story with the inclusion of a child that is handled really well. And the cover is just yummy!




I hope you had a great weekend!

Nic xx





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