What’s next and where has the year gone?


The past couple of months have been crazy – that’s crazy with a capital ‘C’ – maybe even CRAZY in full upper case! Crazy hectic, crazy pressure and crazy fun. Well perhaps not all sunshine and roses but I’ll save that for another day.

July saw the release of my first Dreamspinner novella, It’s Not Easy, plus the release of the free story I wrote for the Love’s Landscapes event (Waiting, Hoping, Wishing). It’s great to finally have my stories out there and to be able to officially call myself a published author. I have also been contacted by some awesome people who have let me know how much they enjoyed my stories.

But the dust hasn’t been given a chance to settle as it’s been straight into the next books!

At the end of last month I completed the editing process for my upcoming release One Day At A Time. It’s due to come out from Dreamspinner in October. Keep an eye out in coming weeks for the cover and other info. You can also check out the book’s page here where I’ll post more detail when available.

One Day At A Time is a love story in a corporate setting. I love office romance but I’m probably a bit biased as that’s how I met my husband. Actually, come to think of it, I know a ton of people who have met their significant other through work. 🙂 This is story of the attraction between Dave and Sean, of learning to trust and learning that the past doesn’t have to dictate the future.

I have also just started the first round of edits for More Than A Superstar. This is Sam and Rob’s story and brings together two very different men from very different backgrounds but who ultimately want the same thing. This story will be released in Nov/Dec.

Along with the editing, choosing covers and all the other stuff that comes with publishing a book, I’ve still found a bit of time to do some writing – squeezed in between the day job and the family – and am nearly complete with the first draft of Charlie’s Hero.  This story features a teacher and a paramedic. I’m hoping to get this to my beta readers next week for their feedback.

That’s about it for now.The next couple of months will bring more editing, submission of another story to the publisher, the release of two books and before we know it, Christmas!

If only life would slow down a touch and the years not speed by so fast. 🙂

Nic xx


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