First Lines

I was adding some books to a site and one of the requested pieces of information was the first sentence of each book.

Obviously the start of a book is important. The first pages need to hook the reader and make them want to keep reading. Those early words give an indication of the writing style and the content conveyed gives a sense of the story. I know that when I’m writing, I consider the beginning of the book but I think more in terms of the first paragraphs or first pages. I’ve never stopped to consider the first sentence in isolation.

Is this something you do? Can one sentence communicate the essence of the book? Could that opening sentence make or break the book? Personally I don’t think so but it was interesting to take a look at how I’d started each story.

If you are interested, here is the first lines of each of my published books.

Waiting, Hoping, Wishing

Dean came out of the bathroom and made a flying leap onto the bed, landing on his stomach.

It’s Not Easy

Ben Cooper was the most beautiful man Spencer Henderson had ever seen.

A Day at a Time

Once again the photocopier was on the blink.

More Than a Superstar

Pulling on the strap of his overly large bag to stop it slipping off his shoulder, and hauling the big bunch of flowers higher in his arms, Sam Miller resolutely made his way down the corridor.

I’d love to know your thoughts on first lines. Or maybe you have a favourite from a book you’ve read?

Happy reading,

Nic xx

Book covers as at Jan 2015 2000 wide


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