Hop Against Homophobia, Bi- and Transphobia 2015 #HAHABT


I’m wanted to draw your attention to the International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia which is on May 17th). Here’s the link to find out more about this special and important day. http://dayagainsthomophobia.org/

Obviously, as an author of m/m romance, this cause is something dear to my heart. I believe we should recognise and celebrate our differences. Love between two people should be welcomed and embraced. By writing and sharing my stories, I hope more people will open their eyes to the beauty of a relationship between two men. My stories – and stories by other authors, whether the characters are gay men or women, trans, bisexual, or any other colour of the rainbow – encourage understanding and acceptance of our uniqueness. After all, we are all human and love is love, whatever forms it takes. There can never be too much love. ❤

Have you read a m/m romance? I hope you have. If not, I’d like to encourage you to pick up a book. You’ll probably be surprised at the wonderful stories available. If you’re already a fan of m/m, or f/f, or any other combination, it’d be great if you’d share. Let’s introduce more people to the genre we love and spread the message that everyone deserves their happy ever after.

To help share the love, I’m giving away a eBook copy of one of my books. Just leave a comment on this blog post, letting me know if you read LGBT stories. I’ll also need your email address. I’ll draw a random winner after May 24th.

Check out the website to find out more information about this great blog hop initiative and get details of the other participants. Click here.

There are many participants in the blog hop, all of them sharing important messages and offering up some great prizes. It’s well worth a visit to each site. Sharing the message is also appreciated.

Happy reading and thanks for your support,

Nic ❤


33 thoughts on “Hop Against Homophobia, Bi- and Transphobia 2015 #HAHABT

  1. I’ve been reading m/m for about 4 years and I love them. I’ve been reading romance for 35 years and I find m/m to be the most romantic genre. 🙂

  2. I mostly read m/m books i discoverd them about a year ago and was hooked somehow the characters are more appealing to me 🙂
    Tanks for this post and the giveaway 😉

  3. I started reading M/M approximately a year ago and now it accounts for easily 75% of the books I read. Thanks for the offer (annmarief115 gmail com)

  4. The first M/M book I read was on a free website called Literotica about 5 yrs ago. It prompted me to try my hand at writing M/M there. That led me to DsP later lol. Now, all I read is M/M.
    nomoretears00 at hotmail dot com

  5. I started reading “slash” fanfics and followed many of the authors into the world of published M/M works. I enjoy the genre much more than M/F, I think I have maybe read only 4 or 5 non-M/M stories over the last 2 years. I average about 2 1/2 books per week. That’s a lot of M/M romance. 😉
    flutterfli01 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  6. I too have been reading M/M works for the past couple of years. Once I started it could not go back. /I have so many favorite authors. Thank you for this opportunity. ree.dee.2014 at gmail.com

  7. Wow! I’ve just been reading through these comments. We sure have a lot of years of reading gay romance if we add everyone up! 🙂

  8. I’ve been reading M/M since around 2006 there weren’t many about then so it was wonderful to discover new sites and authors. Willa Okati’s book “42 days” was my first M/M book that I read I don’t think it’s available any more.


  9. M/M stories are my favorites, because the romance arcs are so much less predictable, and the men are more nuanced!


  10. I’ve been reading only m/m fiction for several years now and before I switched over to m/m fiction I was reading yaoi for several years. The stories just called to me more than those in other genres.

    humhumbum AT yahoo DOT com

  11. I read it and write it. 😉 While M/M is my passion, I like to write and read about genderqueer and fluid characters, and explore asexuality. Thank you for posting, Nic! xo, Participant #91 avsandersarchive @ gmail

  12. I have been reading MM for about 4 yrs now. Whilst not exclusively, it is 80% of my reading.
    Thanks to all you great authors!!!

    Littlesuze at hotmail.com

  13. Hi Nic ❤ I am a happy reader of most genres and I think I have read books that feature gay characters since I was young, but most of those were fantasy novels. More recently, since a lot the books are ebook format, I think I read more MM titles than ever. But I also enjoy LGBTQ fanfic and original free fiction, as I have found a lot of these authors end up publishing their own work and its nice to follow an author through their writing career and buy their books.

    Thank you for a chance to win of your books and for being part of this blog hop. slholland22 {at} hotmail {dot} com

  14. Thanks to everyone for your comments. It made for really interesting reading! The lucky winner of the random draw was HN100. Congratulations, HN100! I’ve sent you an email to arrange getting your eBook to you. Nic 🙂

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