GUEST AUTHOR: Interview with Eddy LeFey

Today I’ve been joined by Eddy LeFey. Eddy has kindly answered some of my questions regarding his new book, Love Cubed and a couple of personal questions as well. There’s a book trailer for you to check out and a great giveaway too.

Love Cubed Blog Tour

Congratulations on the release of your book, Eddy. The blurb sounds wonderful. It ticks a lot of boxes for me – university, sports, three men – I’m really looking forward to reading it.

I love the sound of the blurb and the complexities of the relationship with three very different characters. What was the inspiration for your story?

Eddy:  There is a particular scene in Love Cubed where one of the characters asks another, “Are you gay?” A similar scenario happened to me in real life. I’ve thought a lot about what happened that day. It affected my entire life. Having an extremely good-looking hockey player ask me that question wasn’t something that happened to me daily, although I’ve had plenty of people ask me, “Are you gay?” I wanted to write a story with a scene like that, involving a character like the one who actually asked me that question, but have the story be much more dramatic, in one sense, and have a much happier ending.

Francis, Andrew, Sebastian. Does one of them hold a special place in your heart or is that like asking to choose a favourite child?

Eddy:  They all hold a special place in my heart because all three characters of Love Cubed represent people I knew in real life. Francis happens to be the one that is most like me, or at least the younger me that I once was. Sebastian and Andrew happen to be ideal versions of at least two people whom I remember quite fondly.

Can you share any secrets, something beyond the blurb to tease your readers?

Eddy:  The story deals with the aftermath of trauma, and how that trauma can affect a person’s self-esteem. I think I found an interesting way for two people to be able to help another person through that, in a rather sexy way, without being demanding or forceful.

What are you currently working on? What can your readers expect from you next?

Eddy:  I currently have several writing projects on the go. Two of which happen to be in the m/m/m category. However, my next project is a short story that will be published very soon in the Wayward Ink Publishing Anthology Heaven and Hell. It’s called Guardian. It’s a little love story between a Guardian angel and his human charge.

I’d love to know about your reading habits. What book is currently on your bedside table? Anything interesting you would recommend.

Eddy:  I am an avid reader of anything science fiction/fantasy, specifically anything by Marion Zimmer Bradley or Mercedes Lackey, but in my e-reader right now is Nightfall, which is the second book to the Chronicles of Arden. It is a lovely m/m fantasy/romance by Shiriluna Nott and Saja H

When you’re not reading, writing or publishing, what do you get up to?

Eddy: I like to sing, listening to music, and dance alone in my living room. I used to swim a lot, although not so much anymore. I play an online game called Vega Conflict.

Thanks so much for taking the time to answer these questions. I’m looking forward to Love Cubed and also your upcoming story.


Three very different young men meet at St-Frederick’s University.

Francis, haunted by his past and seeking a new life.

Andrew, the introverted football jock.

And Sebastian, the charismatic and confident hockey star.


Francis, wary and troubled, didn’t count on meeting anyone he could care for.

Andrew, closeted and lonely, didn’t think anything would matter more than his football career.

And Sebastian, content to float from conquest to conquest, never believed he’d meet someone who could hold his interest.

An encounter with a journalist causes consequences for all three.

Will they be able to take what they need from one another in order to cope?

Book Trailer

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Prizes: 1 x $20 WIP Gift Card and 1 x ebook copy of Love Cubed


About the authorEddy LeFey

Eddie LeFey started reading m/m romance fanfiction a few years ago. At one point, during a crucial point in the soap opera storyline of his favorite gay couple, the story went on hiatus. He needed a fix and decided to write his own version of what he wished would happen. Friends wanted to read it, so he plucked up his courage. Pressing the submission button was nerve-wracking, but he did it. People liked it. He wrote a few more.

Up until that point Eddy had tried his hand at writing many times. The delete button was his friend, as was starting over, and over, and over, but he could no longer do that if he wanted people to read his works.

A few of his writing friends decided to create original stories, and feeling brave, Eddy did the same. The stories were shared among a select few. They encouraged him to submit one of them. Low and behold, it is now being published.

Eddy lives in Canada with his husband Ken and his cat Oscar Wild. He is busy writing many more stories.





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