Technology hiccups, family, and a new song

It’s school holiday time. Three weeks with the kids at home – yay! *cough cough*

I love having my teenagers at home. I do. Would I lie about that? *wink* However, when there’s limited internet, I feel the pain. With internet, my two princesses can do two things that keep them (and me) happy. They can use social media to their hearts content, and watches endless TV shows and movies on Netflix.

When we are away in the country, like we are now, the internet is so dodgy that a lot of the time it’s unworkable. This means no contact with friends, and no movies to occupy their time. The knock on effect? We have to do things and talk!

Yesterday we chose to walk in the paddocks (until the rain came bucketing down), do some cooking, and listen to music as one of my daughters adores music. We had fun trying to choose a new ring tone for my phone, and she introduced me to some new songs. Most of them make my ears hurts (true sign I’m getting old) but a few weren’t too bad. I’ll include a link to one of my favs from her list. It’s Like I’m Gonna Lose You by Meaghan Trainor (feat. John Legend).

Oh, and on the book front, the Charlie’s Hero blog tour continues. I’ve been lucky with so many blogs taking part and so many wonderful comments and reviews. The internet is stopping me from being as responsive as I’d like so my sharing is only sporadic. Therefore below is a list of recent tour hosts. I do hope you get a chance to stop by some of the blogs and read some of my guest posts.

Happy reading.

Nic xx



Stops for June 24 and 25 are:


Review at Bike Book Reviews “This is one book I loved since the first sentence.” 5 stars

Exclusive Excerpt at Elisa – My reviews and Ramblings

Excerpt at BFD Book Blog

Guest Post at Drops of Ink I talk about why I find paramedics and firefighters so appealing.

Guest Post at Man2ManTastic  Fully Fleshed Out Characters – Our heroes and their hobbies




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