Today Lei Carol has stopped by with a guest post. She has just released a new book, Claiming His Bears. It’s book #4 in the Cascade Pack series and it’s menage. What more could you want?

Okay, how about a hot adult excerpt? 🙂

Claiming his Bears C.P.4

Guest Post

Hey y’all, My name is Lei Carol and I am a Gay Erotic Romance author. This coming up August will mark my official 1 year mark as a published author.

Since I was in the third grade I’ve been a very avid reader, having started with the very first Nancy Drew book to the Baby sitters club to goosebumps.  I can remember the very first romance novel I read at the tender age of thirteen, Judy Garwood’s One White Rose, since that day I’ve been hooked.

As I got older my reading genre’s changed but not by much. I still read romance novels but moved onto the more racier side of things until I stumbled onto my first M/M/F book and not long after I was only reading M/M books.

One day I was talking to a good friend, telling her about a story that I had in my mind and she asked why I didn’t write it out.  Now mind you I’ve tried writing once before when I was in high school but do to bad feed back I stopped, until this particular friend told me to give it a try.

Here we are a year and a half later and I am celebrating my 6th book release and I couldn’t be happier.  It’s not always easy getting all the boys in my head to cooperate but when they do, it’s magical.

I get asked a lot what it’s like being a female writing about gay guys and how is it possible for me to know not only how it works but what it feels like.  All I can say is I have a very imaginative imagination and….I watch a lot of gay porn. What can I say? There’s nothing hotter than two or three guys playing with each other and not having to hold back.

I love being able to create a world where everyone gets their own happily ever after with how ever many mates they want. There may be turmoil and grief or fights and irritations but at the end there is usually always a happy ending.

Everyone deserves the happy ending of their dreams no matter what, otherwise what is life worth living without the hope and dream of your own happy ever after?

I honestly believe with each story I write, with each couple or thruple I bring together in my stories, I am just one step closer to my own happily ever after with the men of my dreams.  Who doesn’t want multiple hot guys to share their lives with?

So sit back and join me on a fascinating journey with many twists, turns and bumps in the road, that we can call my imagination. And please always remember, #LOVEISLOVE.

About the book

Warning: For Mature Adult Audiences.  Contains language and actions some may deem offensive.  Sexually explicit content.  Ménage – MMM.

In book four of the Cascade Pack: Shawn has always known he wanted something different than his brothers and sisters.  He has spent his entire life trying to hide just how different he needs were, afraid they wouldn’t understand.  So desperate to protect his secret, Shawn even runs away from his family and his mates.

Zerek and Zander were amazed the day they walked into the café to meet one of their employees for the first time only to find out he was their mate.  Now they are forced to wait to claim him as well as figure out just what secret he is desperately trying to keep.

Can the bears give their mate what he needs?  Or will he run for the hills, leaving three lives shattered?

Explicit Excerpt

Pulling his mouth away from Zander only to twist around so he could mash his lips to his other lover’s.  Whimpering at the different sensations of kissing one man while the other began nibbling and biting on one nipple before switching to the other.

He loved the fact that both had a different taste and feel to their kisses.  While Zerek’s kisses were soft and slow, Zander’s were hard and fast; which left him wondering if that’s how it would be when making love with them.  Would one be fast and rough while the other was slow and gentle?  At least then he would have the best of both worlds.

Feeling his lungs start to burn at the lack of oxygen, he broke the kiss.  Twisting back to glance toward Zander before dropping his head against Zerek’s shoulder only to end up choking on a groan trying to escape as he felt one of his men wrap one of their big hands around his achingly hard cock, which he was sure was leaking like a sieve, except he wasn’t too sure since they were in the water.

Rocking his hips in time with the stroking Shawn’s balls pulled against his body, and the [9/// as he could feel the tingling in his spine signaling just how close he was to an orgasm.  Moving his hips back and forth faster and faster with each swipe of the slick palm, moaning and groaning with each movement.

Jerking his hips forward, only to slam them back once more, Shawn was unable to contain a pained yelp when Zerek’s cock slipped from between his ass cheeks to slam into the back of his balls, giving him just enough pain to send him over the edge, screaming as his cock exploded rope after rope of built up semen.

Trying to get his breathing while resting his head against Zerek’s shoulder, panting as his hips continued to rock back and forth, each motion slower than the one before as exhaustion slowly took over his body.  It didn’t take long before he realized he couldn’t open his eyes and the soft snores he heard, were his own.

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