What’s on my Kindle?

I read a lot of books. I churn through them by the hundreds each year. All of them m/m romance. I used to leave detailed reviews for each book I read, posting the reviews to Goodreads, Amazon, and the Two Men Are Better Than One blog. But I’m now time poor. It’s a struggle to keep up with daily life, maintaining this blog and Two Men, do my writing and associated promotion, plus read and review.

Daily life can’t be put on hold so I’ve had to reassess all the other activities that occupy my ‘free’ time. I would hate to see Two Men fold so I put time in there. I adore the whole writing process so that stays. And I LOVE reading so that stays too. That means it’s the detailed reviews that need to go. Therefore, if you follow me on GR or Amazon, all you’ll see in the last twelve months or so are ratings. I use Goodreads to catalogue all my books. It’s where I record what I want to read, what I own (don’t tell hubby but that’s in the thousands), and what I’ve read.

But I thought I’d try to share a bit every now and then about what I’ve bought – sometimes there are some great deals – and what I’m reading. Maybe you’ll find something new to check out. So here goes…

Book Covers 1

This week I’ve tackled a couple of emotional stories.

First off, Saving Kane by Michele Micheal Rakes. The first paragraph of the blurb gives an idea of what to expect. A twenty-something paramedic suffering from PTSD and a failing relationship with his high school sweetheart becomes embroiled in the tragic life of a young, gay man brutally beaten, raped, and left for dead. This was really dark in places, with violence and abuse. It’s packed full of emotion as both men deal with their traumatic pasts, and confront a killer.

The other story was from RJ Jones. Black and Bluhe, is the story that follows Out of the Blue, and tells the story of Gray and Kris. Gray needs to let go of his past if he’s ever to make a future for himself. Once again, it’s an emotional story, the sort of book where I feel I need to take a deep breath and a break every now and then before I tackle the next stage of the journey. But it was so worthwhile to see Gray and Kris get their happy ending.

Book Covers 2

I needed to break up the dark, heavy and emotional, and did that with a couple of novellas. I don’t read a lot of paranormal stories but tried out the first two stories (Doctor Troubles x2 and Saving Blaine) in Lei Carol‘s Cascade Pack series. The thought of shifters in a menage story was a huge draw card. 🙂

Then RJ Scott‘s latest, dropped onto my Kindle. Undercover Lovers was a fabulous addition to the Bodyguards Series, made especially enjoyable by giving Kyle and Ross their happy ending. There’d been hints of this relationship in earlier books and I was rooting for them to get together as a couple. This was romance with a touch of drama and a bit of mystery.

I also read Spokes by P.D. Singer. While hubby watched the Tour de France, I read this stories set in the world of cycling. I know I got the better deal. 🙂 I liked the characters, enjoyed the story and learnt a lot about competitive cycling. The book was kind of educational that way, using (but explaining) cycling and racing terms.

So what did I buy? I grabbed two books from Grace R. Duncan because they were part of the Dreamspinner Press 99c weekend deals. Such great stories, at such a great price, is hard to beat. There were three books on offer but I already owned one so I picked up Healing and No Sacrifice.

I’ve also pre-ordered the latest Renae Kaye. It’s nice to support my fellow Australian authors and Renae’s books are always stellar. I’m looking forward to reading You Are The Reason, which follows The Blinding Light.

So there you have it. I hope you find something amongst that lot to enjoy.

Happy reading,

Nic x


One thought on “What’s on my Kindle?

  1. Great books on your kindle 🙂 I also use goodreads as my personal bookcase it’s such a great site to use for that. I love the one dollar sales on Dreamspinner Press (and all their other sales) it seems my Kobo reader is getting fuller every day. Can’t keep up with reading because of all the great sales LOL

    You are so right about Renae Kaye i just love her books and i pre-orderd You are the Reason on DSP. I also pre-orderd Andrew’s Promise on Dreamspinner Press and i really look forward to august 12th LOL

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