Meeting new friends – My GRL countdown – Carter Quinn



Can you believe it’s already August? The year is speeding by and October and GRL is nearly upon us.

I’m continuing my series on introducing various GRL Supporting Authors. This time it’s Carter Quinn’s turn to share.

I hope you enjoy!

Meet Carter Quinn

Is this your first GRL? If not, do you have any advice for authors and/or readers who are attending? If it’s your first, what made you sign up this year?

Carter: I went to GRL Albuquerque as a reader and to Atlanta as a supporting author. My advice is just to relax and have fun. I was nervous as hell before getting there because I’m pretty shy until I get to know someone. Aren’t 90% of us introverts? Luckily I had friends there. Had a blast both times, but I think Albuquerque was my favorite.

What are you most looking forward to about GRL this year?

Carter: Reconnecting with friends I haven’t seen since Atlanta. And meeting new people, some of whom have hopefully read and liked my books. 🙂 Also seeing the Pacific Ocean for the first time in 20 years.

What inspired you to start writing in the gay romance genre?

Carter: My brain has always paired two men in my writing, probably because of the whole gay thing. But I’d quit playing with words for a long time until I saw a review blog was having a contest for readers who wanted to try their hand at writing. So I figured what the hell. I wrote a short story for it and had so much fun I started immediately on what became The Way Back. Unfortunately the contest was cancelled, so I have no idea how I would have done there. The short story is In the Crease, which is a free read on my website. Sexy hockey boys. What more could you want?

What was the first m/m romance book you wrote? Can you share a little about the story?

Carter: My first published book is The Way Back. Riley is just starting what he thinks is a casual relationship with Jason. He (Riley) is still pining for Eric, the one who got away. Then Eric comes back and hell hits the fan.

What book are you currently reading or have just finished reading? Tell us a little about it.

Carter: I just finished Cronin’s Key by NR Walker. It’s a vampire story, which I usually don’t read. I decided to give it a shot because I loved her Red Dirt Heart series so much. I was definitely not disappointed. It’s a great story. I can’t wait to read the rest of the series.

Please share an interesting fact your readers may not know about you?

Carter: I am very solar powered. I work best when I can sit outside and write. So sunny days with little wind and temps over 70F are preferred. Winter kills my creativity and saps my will to live.

Thanks for the honest and open answers. I look forward to meeting you in October.

About Carter

Carter QuinnCarter Quinn was born and raised in a very small Western Kansas town where cattle vastly outnumber humans. In the 90s he read enough depressing gay fiction to give up on it. He discovered M/M in 2010 and started writing again. Now he’s told Corporate America to kiss his books. Carter lives in the Denver area, near his beloved Colorado Avalanche.

Social media:

On Twitter: @Carter_Quinn

Featured book from Carter Quinn

OotB 666x1000


A childhood of abuse has left Avery so physically and emotionally scarred he believes he shouldn’t be alive. His only sanctuary has been his relationship with his older foster brother Sam. Avery finally lets Sam convince him to start therapy to help overcome his crippling anxiety, but even that can’t prepare him for the upheaval caused by meeting Noah Yates.

Noah is everything Avery fears. He’s large and physically powerful—and undeniably capable of destroying Avery’s hard-earned progress. Although Noah seems to have a tender streak when it comes to him, Avery is terrified of being victimized again. But no matter how many times he tries to push him away, Noah never goes far.

Noah wants to save Avery, but can he be the catalyst Avery needs to begin the journey out of the blackness?

Buy Links

Out of the Blackness (Avery 1)



One thought on “Meeting new friends – My GRL countdown – Carter Quinn

  1. Hi Carter – I enjoyed your interview and hope to get a chance to meet you at GRL in my beautiful home town of SD. This will be my first time going and I’m feeling a bit scared and nervous and excited!

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