The Proof is in the Pudding Holiday GIVEAWAY

I have a new book coming out and I’m celebrating with a giveaway. 🙂

The Proof is in the Pudding title

The Proof is in the Pudding is a Christmas story.

Steve Hayes is away with a group of friends who are spending the Christmas break together. He’s determined to put his two-timing ex-boyfriend in the past, and enjoy his week away.  Steve is happily surprised to find that Corey Oh, the guy he’s been admiring from afar, has been invited along too. But Steve knows there’s no way someone as wonderful as Corey, who could have any man he wanted, would be interested in him.

However, thanks to a misadventure with a Christmas pudding, Steve will find that dreams can come true.

** $10 All Romance eBooks Gift Voucher to be won **

With so many wonderful holiday stories coming out, I thought you might like a chance to win a $10 ARe Gift Voucher so you can buy the holiday story of your choice (or maybe two!).

Look out for mine. It’s going to be released by MLR Press on 4th December.


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Win a $10 All Romance eBooks Gift Card. The winner will be drawn on 21st December.

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Happy reading and happy holidays,

Nic xx


36 thoughts on “The Proof is in the Pudding Holiday GIVEAWAY

  1. One of my favorite mm holiday stories is Lion in Tails by Andrew Grey. The Proof is in the Pudding sounds more light-hearted, which fits the season perfectly!

  2. This book sounds great, I can’t wait to check it out! I recently read If Only in my Dreams and loved it – really got me in holiday mode! 🙂

  3. Congrats on the upcoming new release! It sounds like a sweet story. I think my favorite Christmas m/m story is Holiday Outing by Astrid Amara

  4. Really looking forward to reading this 🙂 I didn’t start reading Christmas books until this year, but my favourite so far is Jesse’s Christmas by RJ Scott xx

  5. Even though I have read m/m books, I can’t remember those that were in a holiday setting, but the only one I can think of at the moment is Nicole Edwards’ Holiday with the Walker Brothers, part of her Alluring Indulgence series. Thanks for the giveaway!! Proof in the Pudding sounds really good. 🙂

  6. This is a must read for me. I love all holiday stories with happy endings. Regardless of the struggles or conflict suffered by one or all maon characters, a holiday story seems to ooze hope which helps blunt the sharp edges. It may be that I don rose coloured glasses when reading holiday stories, but I have yet to find one in the MM world that I don’t like.

  7. So many good books. Thanks for the continuing suggestions of Christmas stories. I think I’ll read Heidi Cullinan’s next because I have them ready to go on my Kindle. Thanks for the reminder , Jen. 🙂

  8. I don’t have a favourite Christmas story as I haven’t read that many of them, but Snow Balls by Tara Lain and The Boy Who Belonged by Lisa Henry are both really good. Having read the blurb for your one I’m thinking it’s time I read more seasonal books 😀

  9. I read Astrid Amara’s Holiday Outing every year. It’s got a lot of humor. I also enjoy all of Josh Lanyon’s Christmas stories, and really, I’m not sure I have any Christmas stories that I don’t like. 🙂

  10. Unwrapping Hank by Eli Easton, Where the Lovelight Gleams by Keira Andrews and Holiday Outing by Astrid Amara. Thanks for the giveaway!

  11. Congrats on the new release! I added it to my Christmas read list. I don’t have a fav holiday story, I recently read Eli Easton, Indra Vaughn, Keira Andrews, Clare London, Joanna Chambers and some others who have have great holiday books. 🙂

  12. Well, I have no great books in my “READ” column with mm during the holidays, sorry. Yours sounds amazing, though! Thanks for the awesome giveaway! Congrats on another new release 🙂

  13. Congrats! I’m not really a fan of holiday story but I’ve read a few and since it’s holiday season and there are a lot of good holiday story, I’m planning to read a lot this month!. I think so far I like Zero at The Bone’s holiday story.

  14. I’m not usually a fan of holiday stories to be honest (key word: usually) mostly due to trying to conform to the “life goes on” school of thought in order to avoid holiday depression. So my “holiday stories” tend to be actually consist of a zombie or werewolf apocalypse.

  15. Up until this year I didn’t read a lot of holiday stories. From the few I have read this year Brandon Witt’s Spruce Tree story is my favourite.

  16. Thank you all for the great recommendations. My reading list certainly filled out!

    The winner of the Giveaway was Ran. Congratulations, Ran! I’ve sent you an email so I can arrange getting your $10 ARe Gift Voucher to you.

    Merry Christmas everyone. ❤

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