GUEST AUTHOR: Candy Canes & Coffee Beans by Saxon Hawke

Today I welcome Saxon Hawke to the blog . She’s answered some interview questions, sharing a bit about her holiday traditions and her new book, Candy Canes & Coffee Beans.


Candy Canes and Coffee Beans

by Saxon Hawke


Asher Rye lives for happiness – for himself, and the rest of the world.  By day, he spreads joy one cup of coffee at a time as a barista. At Christmas, he’s Dasher the elf, spreading the magic of the holiday season to every child and adult who visits Santa.

When a sad little boy visits Santa’s castle with his stuffed goat and uncle in tow, Asher is determined to show him that Santa never forgets. In his quest to show the boy and his uncle the magic of Christmas, he never expects to be sprinkled with holiday magic himself.

Will Christmas’ biggest fan get a Christmas miracle of his own?

Interview – Holiday Spirit

I love Christmas and always look forward to it. What’s your favourite holiday of the year and what makes it so special?

Christmas is my absolute favourite holiday, hands down. That’s why it was so amazing to write a Christmas story…it was such a natural fit! My mother loved Christmas and always made it a special time of year. It was about family, celebration, love and of course, lots and lots of food!

What’s the worst Christmas present you’ve ever received?

The worst present for me was the one that I never received. It was the year I decided to test whether Santa Claus was actually real. At the age of nine, I decided to tell my parents I wanted a certain thing (and I cannot remember what it was) for Christmas, and then when I visited Santa at the mall, I told him something completely different. Needless to say, what I had told my parents ended up being under the tree. I didn’t confess that to my mom until I was in my late teens!

Ooh, you are sneaky! 🙂 What’s the best Christmas gift you’ve ever received?

The Christmas after I married my husband, he gave me a glide rocker. It’s like a rocking chair, but inside of rocking back and forth, it glides. At the time it was all the rage for mothers. It was his way of saying he was ready to start a family. Talk about an ugly cry! Now the little baby I rocked in that chair is fifteen.

What’s your biggest gift giving success?

Although my son would probably say it was the iPhone with a data plan we gave him, I’d say it was when I stole all of the shoe boxes where my mother kept her photographs. I organized them, and scrapbooked them all for her. Took me about a month to complete, but it brought her to tears.

What a wonderful and personal gift.

Christmas carols. Yes or no?

To listen to? Definitely. To sing? NOBODY wants to hear me sing them.

Do you watch Christmas movies? If so, what’s your favourite all time holiday movie?

It’s tie between National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation and A Christmas Story. Both are classics in our house

What inspired your current holiday story?

The magic of Christmas, pure and simple.

Tell us a little about the main characters in your holiday story.

Asher Rye is a Barista and part-time mall elf. He thoroughly believes in the magic of Christmas and tries to spread it whenever and wherever he can. He meets a little boy and his uncle when they visit Santa, and Asher knows that they need a little of that magic.

Do you have a favourite holiday photo to share?

Our cat Zoe, deciding to be the best Christmas ornament ever.


That is so cute! Thanks so much for joining me. I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas.

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About the Author

SaxonHawkeTech Geek. Caffeine addict. Sarcasm aficionado.

Saxon resides in the outskirts of Toronto with a hubby, teenaged minion, two cats, and a dog. Her family lives in constant fear of finding events and conversations woven into her tales (because seriously, sometimes you just can’t make that stuff up). She believes that love is love, and although she does believe that all her characters deserve a happily ever after, she’s not opposed to messing with them a little bit before they get there.

You can find Saxon down her rabbit hole at or pretty much anywhere on social media:

FB –

GR –

Twitter –



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