Rustic Melody has entered the world!

Rustic Melody 3D Image of Book Cover BlackPublishing a new book is always a scary thing. There has been so much time and effort, bringing the story to life, and suddenly you are throwing the book out into the big, wide world.

I’ve loved the journey to bring you Adam and Joey. It’s been a wonderful experience, working with so many talented people who have helped beta read, edit, proof, and create beautiful covers. And the launch of the book has been wonderful too, with so many great reviews. It means so much to me that readers have enjoyed the story. Here are a couple of quotes from reviews.

This book took me to my happy place and gave me a few hours of absolute reading bliss.


Oh, I have been blessed with receiving another story from Nic Starr. She never fails to make me smile or squirm and melt inside craving for chocolate. That’s how sweet and awesome this story is.


With rich tones of Australian vernacular and the beautiful lilt and tenor of story making that brings the words to life. The reader can see the dust and hear the bustle and smell the heat of the summer. This story will bring a smile to your face.

I do hope you enjoy Rustic Melody.

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Happy reading,


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