What’s on my Kindle?

Here’s a quick rundown of some of the books I’ve been reading lately. It’s quite a mix of gay romance stories, largely contemporary with a few paranormal thrown in.

In the Shadow of the Wolf

Shifter romance

In the Shadow of the Wolf series by RJ Scott and Diane Adams

I felt like reading a shifter story so picked up Shattered Secrets, the first book in this series. I ended up reading the following two books – Broken Memories and Splintered Lies – in pretty quick succession. It was a fun and easy read.

I enjoyed the world created by the authors, and the blending together of the romantic elements and the mystery.

I don’t read a lot of paranormal, but when I do, I usually tend to look for shifters, and usually of the werewolf type. 🙂 I’d be interested in any recommendations of ‘must read’ shifter romances.

Kissing AlexI also read another book by RJ Scott. This time Kissing Alex, the sixth book in her Bodyguards Inc series.

There was lots to like in this story. The unique characters weren’t what I expected from the hero bodyguard and his celebrity client. Alex definitely didn’t fit the stereotype (celebrity singer) and neither did Lewis (the bodyguard).

I loved the isolated setting on the island and the imagery in the book gave a real sense of the location. I could visualise Lewis walking around his island, the place where he gave so much of himself to the community. His siblings were also excellent characters.

Toss in the mystery, action, and heroics, and it was a great love story.

Do you like menage?

MisfitsMisfits by Garrett Leigh was a 5 star read for me. I loved the character building, and the way the story allowed me to get to the know the three main characters as individuals as well as a unit. There is a slow build to the relationship and it isn’t based on sex -although the sex is beautiful. Even though a third person was added to the existing couple, it was believable, because of the way the love was evident between each couple and the whole. Jake, Tom and Cass, are well worth getting to know.

How about BDSM?

SafewordI love a bit of BDSM in my stories every now and then so decided to read the second book in a series which has been sitting on my Kindle for a while. The series is Power Exchange by A.J. Rose. The book was Safeword. This book follows the same couple – Detective Gavin DeGrassi and his Dom, Ben. The story takes place a year after the horror that befell them in the first book. I enjoyed seeing how they recovered, how the horror affected their D/s relationship, and liked the balance with police procedural and crime solving.

SalvationAnd something a bit dark and angsty…

Salvation by Sloane Kennedy is the second book of the Protectors series. I loved book one and got a lot of enjoyment from book two. Salvation tells the story of Ronan, the man who started an underground group of men who seek vengeance on those who the law hasn’t caught up with. You’ll like this book if you enjoy a bit of angst and some steamy sex. I’m looking forward to book 3.

That’s it for now. I hope you find something new to read in this lot, and feel free to leave some comments telling me which books you’re recently loved.

And if you want to read one of my books, how about Rustic series? And the books are now available on Kindle Unlimited.

Rustic Melody

Rustic Memory

Rustic Moment

Happy reading,

Nic ❤


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