What’s on my Kindle?

Time for another look at some of the stories I’ve been reading. There’s a bit of a sports theme happening.

Hockey Romance

LinematesWho doesn’t like a bit of hockey romance? With its hot guys, lots of sporting action, and a romance, what’s not to like?

Linemates by Van Barrett was a great story. Hockey. Player trades. A bit of an age and experience gap. A gay sex virgin. Oh, and the sex is sizzling. Need I say more?



Strong SideI kept seeing this book pop up in my Goodreads feed and then, as the release of the second book neared, thought I would give it a go. Strong Side by Alison Hendricks was slightly predictable but still made for engaging reading. This story is told in first person alternating POVs and features two college football players. Derek is pretty much closeted since a bad experience in high school and the other, Jason, hasn’t ever given men much thought until he falls under Derek’s spell. I’m now going to check out the next book in the series.


Out in the FieldOut in the Field by Kate McMurray continued the sports theme, this time with a dose of baseball, a sport I know absolutely nothing about. However I enjoyed the glimpse of the game and the look at what would happen if a player came out. My favourite part was the age difference between the main characters, one just starting his professional career, the other approaching retirement. The plot was slightly predictable but enjoyable all the same, so much so that I’m heading off to check out Kate’s other books about baseball.


Whistle BlowerWhistle Blower by Dev Bentham is a lovely story. A bit of a slow burn, this is the story of Jacob, who needs to make some serious decisions when he stumbles across unethical behaviour in the law firm where he works. Jacob is lonely and unfulfilled, but his life starts to take a positive turn when he meets Ben during his investigations. Ben is a widower, still dealing with the death of his long time lover. These men need to overcome a number of differences, including distance and an age gap that Ben can’t seem to overcome. I liked the more mature characters, the age gap, the pacing, the dealing with grief and the hint of corporate story.

Bad Boys

RetributionRetribution by Sloane Kennedy is the third book in her Protectors series. The series features men with damaged pasts who work for an organisation that seeks to rid the world of evil people, to get justice where the formal systems have failed. All the stories are full of action, emotion, and sizzling sex. This one was no different. Loved it.




A Cowboy's HomeWho doesn’t enjoy a story set on a ranch? A Cowboy’s Home by RJ Scott is the third book in her Montana series. It was fabulous to see Sam get his happy ending and to the read the continuation of the story that has been running right through the series – what really happened to Justin and Adam when they were teenagers. This blends some mystery and excitement with romance.


And if you want to read one of my books, how about Rustic series? And the books are now available on Kindle Unlimited.

Rustic Melody

Rustic Memory

Rustic Moment

Rustic Series - Kindle Unlimited (hearts)

Happy reading,

Nic ❤


4 thoughts on “What’s on my Kindle?

  1. I guess like that too ! Lately I’ve been reading the bad boy mob type themes lol. Ahh I miss hockey already born an raised around Pittsburgh. So do you keep up the theme in your writing? For example if you have a type of theme u been thinking about alot ? .

    • I don’t really write to a theme, except when I’m writing a series where there are elements linking the stories together. For example, my Rustic series feature main characters from the country/rural area. I write mainly contemporary and just write whatever I feel motivated to tackle at the time. I also have a very long list of stories to be written 🙂 I’d love to see some of your recommendations for bad boy mob stories!

      • Oh gosh Nic! check out Nicole Snow, Alexx Andria, Alexis Abbott , Ada Scott , Riley Rollins to name a few I’m sure you’ll find some that will keep you up all night an wanting more 😄 for some reason WP never shown this thread until I downloaded the app , which is why such the late reply , so sorry about that! Any thing else I can help you out with let me know! xoxo

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