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Today my guest is Beany Sparks. Beany hails from Western Australia, and those of you who already know her, are probably well aware of how much she loves her dog, Koda. Here she tells us how he came to be in her life.

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I love Christmas and always look forward to it. What’s your favourite holiday of the year and what makes it so special?

I love Christmas too! We get about two weeks off and it’s nice to spend that at home with the family. It’s only my parents, me and the dog but it’s nice to just get time to enjoy the days. It’d be better if my sister and nephew were here too but maybe one day…

Time off work is the best, especially in our gorgeous Aussie summer!

What’s your biggest gift giving success?

In June 2014 we lost our little Chihuahua after 16 years and for Christmas 2014 I got a gift for the family—a puppy. We didn’t know which one was going to be ours (since we weren’t getting him until early 2015) so I printed off a photo of all four of the male puppies and laminated them. On Christmas day I put the pictures on the tree and told mum and dad that I got a puppy. Dad was surprised and mum burst into tears (although she knew that I was getting him).

Who could resist a puppy? ❤ Christmas carols. Yes or no?

Some versions I find boring but I listen to the Pentatonix versions of carols (particularly Little Drummer Boy) all year round 🙂

Do you watch Christmas movies? If so, what’s your favourite all time holiday movie?

Yes! Mum and I look forward to them all year. We have quite a few on DVD but it’s not the same. As for my favourite…hm… I’d have to say the 1994 version of Miracle on 34th Street. And any Christmas cartoon, I love cartoons! 😀

I love reading stories set in the holiday season and I especially like seeing stories set all over the world. I love seeing how others celebrate and I love reading about guys getting their special holiday happy ever afters. Do you read holiday romances? If so, do you have a favourite you’d like to recommend to your readers?

I love reading holiday romances! I love seeing the submission calls and knowing stories will be coming. And there’s so many around to choose from! As for a favourite…you know what, I’m going to recommend yours! I loved The Proof is in the Pudding! (and I still want a sequel!)

Thanks for the recommendation. I’m so glad you loved it 🙂 But as I keep telling you, there are no current plans for a sequel but never-say-never LOL

The end of the year is often a time for making New Year’s Resolutions. Do you have any you’d be willing to share? After all, they do say you’re more likely to achieve a goal if you share it 🙂

I’m terrible at making New Year’s Resolutions! I either don’t do it or I forget what they are until the end of the year when it’s time for new ones! LOL Although I have to say, I am going to try and put aside more writing time next year!

What does 2017 hold for you on the writing front? What can your readers expect to see from you?

Weeeelllll…. I’ve got plans for a couple of stories to be released in the first half of the year but I’m not saying which ones until they’re done. I also plan on releasing Del’s Wolf (sequel to Pib’s Dragon) and hopefully Arcane Magic 2. There may be more, but we’ll see if I get my chunk of leave approved and then I can plan more.

Check out Beany’s favourite Christmas carol


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About the author

beany-for-wpBeany lives in Western Australia. She first started reading romance novels in 2008, but it wasn’t until January 2010 when her Kindle got delivered that the world of erotic romance opened its doors to her, and she hasn’t looked back. With suggestions and support from friends, her muse—”affectionately” known as PITA—was finally able to break free, and in January 2014 her first story was written. Since she can’t put PITA back in his box, Beany has decided to give in and team up with him.

Twitter: @BeanySparks


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25 thoughts on “GUEST AUTHOR: BEANY SPARKS #mmromance #mmholidayspirit #giveaways

  1. Thank you for the interview! I hadn’t heard that version of Little Drummer Boy before, it’s great. I have to add it to my Christmas music playlist. 🙂

  2. I enjoyed the interview and I really love Christmas stories but I don’t really watch Christmas films just the one’s that happens to be on the TV on Christmas Day after the Queen’s Speech.

    • I own a lot of Christmas movies but I don’t tend to watch them until closer to Christmas.
      Mum saw Santa Paws Christmas Day 2014. Last year she wanted to watch it again but couldn’t remember what it was called. Took me an hour to figure out what movie she might have been talking about and then a week to find it. That was her Christmas present last year

  3. Aww looks like Beany and I love the same Christmas movie! And I love listening to Pentatonix’s Christmas songs.

    Yay to finally getting Arcane Magic 2, I’ve been impatiently waiting for it, and Pib’s sequel. yes Beany I will keep bugging you for it 😜

  4. As a Muslim I don’t celebrate Christmas but I love watching Christmas movies and reading holiday romance. That is why December is my favorite month!!

  5. Love Pentatonix too, and glad to know that the sequel to Pib’s Dragon is going to be coming.
    Read that back in August and wanted more right away. 🙂
    Thanks for the contest too.


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