Queeromance Ink ~ what a brilliant idea!

I”m so excited to be part of  Queeromance Ink.  It’s not a book sales site, rather a directory of queer romance and romance related books. The best thing about the site is the ability to find exactly the type of book you are looking for based on your specific criteria. And once you’ve found the book you want, you can see all the different places to buy it, quickly and easily.


The site is still in its early stages but has over 50 authors and 150+ books in the first 4 days! I just know it’s going to be popular and hugely successful.

This site is still in development and over the next two months, functionality is going to be enhanced. You will be able to search on genre and pairings, plus there will be lots of romance related fields to narrow your search (such as heat level, romantic content, tropes, endings etc).

Click here for more information on how to use the site.

So check out the site, bookmark it so you can return regularly, and subscribe to the newsletter. I’d love to hear what you think.


My thanks also go to J. Scott Coatsworth and his team for developing such a wonderful site.

Happy reading,

Nic ❤


Want to help spread the news about this fabulous directory? Here’s a ready-made tweet for you.

Click to Tweet: ⭐ QUEEROMANCE INK ⭐ A great new way to search for your perfect #gayromance novel ⭐ #amreading #mmromance http://wp.me/p4tUbj-ZG

Tweet: ⭐ QUEEROMANCE INK ⭐ A great new way to search for your perfect #gayromance novel ⭐ #amreading #mmromance https://ctt.ec/7h_e9+


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