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Today I’m joined by TM Smith who is celebrating the release of Snapped. Follow along on the tour for reviews, playlists and more. Plus there’s a fab giveaway!

So, handing it over to Tammy…

Snapped Dreamcast

Hello everyone! Thanks Nic for hosting me today for the Snapped blog tour. Visuals are very important for Authors as it’s our job to convey to our readers what our characters look like in our heads. This works a few different ways for me when writing; I either have the character created in my mind and go scour through images until I find this person, or I see an image and mold a character around that person.

I knew as soon as I started writing August that I was seeing Sam Heughan (Jamie Fraser on Starz hit show, Outlander) as the character. So I basically molded August’s description to fit Sam.

*An excerpt from Snapped describing August… You’re perfect for me, August…beautiful but fierce and protective. I want you to be mine, but will you agree? Hector thought as he took full advantage of August’s stillness to admire the man’s exquisite features. His eyebrows, long eyelashes and smattering of facial hair were the same vibrant red as his hair. It was what had drawn Hector to his presence the first night in the garden. His features were strong and dominant, even if slightly effeminate, angular and chiseled.

And then there’s Hector. Way back when I was writing Opposites and going through images to find ones for the people of House Orion, I stumbled across Greek model that was absolutely stunning. He didn’t work for anyone at the time, but when I was writing Hector, I remembered him, Theo Theodoridis.

*An excerpt from Snapped describing  Hector… When he looked up again, he caught Hector staring at him. August took note of how striking the man was. He eyed Hector, allowing himself ample time to imprint each and every aspect of Hector’s appearance in his mind. He was tall and lean, but the arms that extended from the cream colored shirt he wore were toned, defined. Long brown wavy hair with slight streaks of gold framed an angular face. His eyes though, wow, those eyes, watching August with rapt fascination were amazing. Brown, opaque and alive, they sparkled as he continued to watch August. They gave way to a long, pointed nose that hovered above pert, proud, kissable lips that were surrounded by a smattering of dark facial hair. One corner of Hector’s delectable mouth lifted to form a cocky, self-assured grin, effectively breaking the haze of lust that overcame August at just the thought of exactly what Hector could do with his pretty mouth.

For full visual inspirations for Hector, August and other characters in the book as well as other visual images, visit the Pinterest and Facebook album pages.

Pinterest page for Snapped:

Snapped album on facebook:


Retribution Runs Deep

The line between retribution and vengeance is often just as thin as the line between love and hate. 
Cillian feels his life was stolen from him and is out for revenge. Grieving and seeking retribution for the death of his twin sister, August is easy prey. Cillian latches onto his grief and feeds into it, using the Outkast as a weapon to strike out at the family that abandoned him. When August learns the truth behind his sister’s death, everything changes.

Hector arrives at House Gaeland for a wedding, only to wind up in the middle of an unexpected war between brothers. He finds himself inexplicably drawn to an Outkast with hair as fiery as his temper. The immediate, intense, and mutual attraction stirs up an entirely different set of issues. To be together, August and Hector will need to thwart the most evil of plans and accomplish the most daring of rescues, all before Cirian follows through with his threat to drop August off the side of a cliff. 

The people of House Gaeland have endured much, and yet, there is more trouble on the horizon. A birth and a wedding are far too much happiness for the universe to allow, so to level the playing field, the devil must add his cards to the deck. Violence begets violence and Cirian is perfectly willing to take a dagger to his brother, if need be. Will he feel the same if the blood spilled belongs to someone much closer to his heart? 

Snapped is the third book in the Opposites series, the series must be read in order. It is an adult, dystopian majorly M/M series that encompasses all manners of relationships (including M/F and F/F). In this world logic is irrelevant, love is key, and things get broken—just ask Aiyan and Kaden.




*Warning* there is a brief mention of sexual assault, though not in detail.


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   Other books in the Opposites series   


The Opposites series, book 1 
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Smashwords | iTunes
Also available on Audiobook: Amazon | Audible | iTunes


The Library 
An Opposites novella {book 1.5} 
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Also available on Audiobook: Amazon | Audible | iTunes




The Opposites series, book 2 
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Available in Audiobook summer of 2017!


The Cellar 
An Opposites novella {book 2.5} 

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Also available on Audiobook: Amazon | Audible | iTunes

About the Author…

A military brat born and raised at Ft. Benning Georgia; TM Smith is an avid reader, reviewer and writer. A Texas transplant, she now calls DFW her home. Most days she can be found curled up with a good book, or ticking away on her next novel.
Smith is a single mom of three disturbingly outspoken and decidedly different kids, one of which is Autistic. Besides her writing, she is passionate about Autism advocacy and LGBT rights. Because, seriously people, Love is Love!

Author links: Amazon || Smashwords || Website || Facebook || Twitter

Up for grabs are two prizes…
Grand Prize goodie bag is US only shipping and includes a signed paperback copy of either Opposites with The Library or Appearances with The Cellar, series inspired swag and an Author TM Smith image collage coffee mug.
Runner up is for International readers as well, a $20 Amazon or Barnes and Noble giftcard, winner’s choice, to be delivered electronically at the end of the tour. 


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Tweet: ⭐ Discover an adult dystopian world by @TTCBooksandMore with a GIVEAWAY ⭐ #gayromance #mmromance

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Tweet: 🌈📘👬 WIN great prizes inc. a $20 Amazon or B&N gift card @TTCBooksandMore 👬📘🌈 #giveaway #gayromance #mmromance


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