Runaway is available for pre-order! #gayromance #mmromance

I can’t believe it’s nearly April. Where has the year gone? But with April comes the release of my latest book!

Runaway is part of the Dreamspinner World of Love collection and is a second chance at love story, set in New South Wales, Australia. The story starts in a small coastal town and ends in Sydney. I’ll be doing a blog tour from 5th April, introducing you to some of the locations in the book and I’ll share some more details soon.

In the meantime, here are the pre-order links and the blurb.

Dreamspinner Press 

Amazon US

Amazon UK

Amazon AU

Other Retailers


Dr Nathan Powell is ready to settle down near his family, and hopefully find the man of his dreams. He returns to the small coastal town where he grew up, but while life is simpler than it was in the city, there are also complications—like patients’ reactions to an openly gay doctor. And like running into Nate’s first love, Damien, an out-and-proud local business owner who is unwilling to be any man’s dirty secret. The reunion reignites old desire even while it stirs up Nate’s guilt over the way things ended with Damien.

When Nate’s nephew runs away, Damien accompanies Nate on his mission to find the young man. The drive to Sydney, and the search of the city, gives Nate time to reconnect with Damien—and to wonder if he made the right decision years ago—when he determined a future for them was impossible. Is a fresh start realistic for two men in their forties? But before he can ponder the second chance they’ve been given, Nate must locate his nephew.

World of Love: Stories of romance that span every corner of the globe.



Cover Artist: L.C. Chase

Release Date: 12th April 2017



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