AUTISM Awareness and a GIVEAWAY #coloursforautism #giveaway

Autism Awareness

April 2nd was World Autism Day, and, as she does every year, author RJ Scott arranged a blog hop to bring about more awareness. Please check out the various blogs below, where RJ’s friends have participated with great information and also prizes!

I’m sharing a video with you to “celebrate the different brilliant in all individuals on the spectrum.”

I’d love for you to share (via social media) this post/video or any of the posts from the blog hop participants. Comment below to let me know you’ve done so and I’ll enter you into the draw to win a copy of my latest release, Runaway. The winner will be drawn after 3rd May (Sydney time).

Author Date
Julie Bozza April 1
Alexa Milne April 3
H K Carlton April 3
Annabelle Jacobs April 4
Kat Mizera April 4
barbara elsborg April 5
Nancy Adams April 5
Jami Davenport April 6 Http://
Alex Jane April 7
Evelise Archer April 8
Melody Heck Gatto April 8
Beany Sparks April 9
Jennifer Loring April 10
V.L. Locey April 11
JL Merrow April 12
Jess Buffett April 13
Susan Scott Shelley April 13
Sydney Lea April 14
AJ Henderson April 14
Elin Gregory April 15
Amber Kell April 16
DJ jamison April 17
S A Meade April 18
Lillian Francis April 19 http:
Tara Lain April 20
Charlie Cochrane April 21
J.M. Dabney April 22
Clare London April 23
N.R. Walker April 24
Jay Northcote April 25
Amy Lane April 26
Blaine D. Arden April 27
Nic Starr April 27
Cate Ashwood April 28
Silvia Violet April 29
Ruby Moone April 30
Lily Harlem April 30

Nic xx



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