Rainbow Advent Calendar: FLEETING MOMENTS

I’m thrilled to be taking part in the Rainbow Advent Calendar event. I’ve been following along and reading all the holiday-themed stories and loving the holiday spirit. If you join the Rainbow Advent Calendar Facebook Group you can see the daily posts announcing the day’s author/story and join in the conversation, or see Alex Jane’s master post for all the info.

My contribution is the short story of Matthew and Jerry and their emotional Christmas. There are tears but it’s also full of love.

You can grab a free copy of Fleeting Moments over at BookFunnel, if you’d prefer to read on your eReader.

Fleeting Moments on BookFunnel

Life hasn’t been easy for Matthew O’Connor lately. He’s an only child and struggling to deal with his mother’s Alzheimer’s, as he prepares to move back to Sydney to assist with her care. Visiting her on Christmas Day brings all his worries to the surface. What if she lashes out? What if she doesn’t remember him at all? However, what starts out as an emotional day fraught with concern, turns into the day of Matthew’s dreams, thanks to his boyfriend, Jerry, and a special gift from his mother.

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