QUEEROMANCE INK – Never miss a new release or a special offer again!


A while back I told you about QueeRomance Ink and some of it’s features. The site is a library of queer romance books and has fabulous search functionality. The search function allows you to search using really useful filters – search by pairing, genre, identity, and author. Personally, I love the genre search. Fancy reading a contemporary romance? Simply choose that category then refine your search based on trope, heat level and so on. Want to read a friends-to-lovers, a story featuring an amnesia plotline? Easy. 🙂

But there are some new functions. You can now create lists and keep your own “To Be Read” section on the site. You can also follow your favourite authors and be notified when they add or release books. Plus, you’ll get an email if any of your TBR list books go on sale so you won’t miss out.

So what are you waiting for? If you’re already a member you can start using the new functionality now. If you’re not a member, join up. It’s free!

Visit QueeRomance Ink and click on the select button next to “reader”. Then fill out the information on the following page and submit the form. As an added bonus, the QRI folks will send you five queer fantasy books.

And click here if you want to add me as one of your favourite authors. All you need to do is click on the star next to my name and you’ll get notifications of my new releases and sales.

Happy reading,

Nic xx


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