FRIEND FRIDAY: Guest Post – Amending Plans #gayromance #FriendlyFriday @cmcorettauthor

My guest this week is CM Corett who has a new release, Amending Plans, and joins with a guest post.

Hi, and thanks for hosting me today. My new release, Amending Plans, is my fourth book. However, if you count all my works in progress… well, let’s just say this is my fourth completed and published story. 5 years ago, if someone had predicted I would write one book, let alone four, I would have said they were crazy. But in Jan 2014, I had a whole week to myself. No work, no child, and no commitments. And I got BORED. So I picked up pen and paper and started writing… and I couldn’t stop.

One year later, I decided to take a crazy chance (not my usual style at all) and submit my Gay M/M romance novella to Dreamspinner Press. I expected a polite ‘no, thanks’ or possibly some writing/plot advice, but most likely no reply at all. Amazingly, they liked my story and wanted to publish it.

So now in 2018, I spend my nights, weekends, and holidays writing the many, many stories in my head, and during the day I am a cartographic draftsman—just like my main character, Luc Weston.

I really hope you like Luc and Rick’s story in Amending Plans.


Can these two opposites work together to make a new plan?

Luc Weston is employed by his uncle as a cartographer. He’s an office dwelling creator of maps and plans, but as his uncle’s heir, he must learn all aspects of the company. Specifically, surveying. The upside—spending time with the gorgeous surveyor, Rick Masters, in a cozy cabin. The downside—the cabin is in the woods. Luc hates nature, and nature hates him. He’s got the injuries and bites to prove it. How can he impress Rick in such a foreign and hostile environment?

Rick Masters can’t believe he has to babysit the boss’s privileged nephew for two weeks. Come on, the man turned up for a mountain survey wearing skinny jeans and toting a suitcase on wheels. But Luc’s attitude and self-deprecating humor has surprised him. Perhaps he’s misjudged him? He’s nothing like the robust outdoorsmen Rick is usually attracted to, and yet…those skinny jeans sure hug him in all the right places. But Rick has a plan for his life, and a man like Luc Weston could never be part of it. No way!

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Author Bio

CM Corett is lucky enough to have two careers she loves—cartography and writing. She has lived in the USA and travelled the world gathering inspiration for her stories, but the beautiful beaches of Western Australia will always be her home. She is an avid reader and writer of love between men, and also loves movies, superheroes, and video games with awesome graphics. She hates housework and anyone who expects her to notice (or care about) the dust on top of the fridge. CM does not limit herself to one sub-genre. She writes contemporary, historical, sci-fi, and time travel… and she may have a few paranormal ideas awaiting her attention.

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Tweet: 👬📕❤ NEW RELEASE: Amending Plans by CM Corett ❤📕👬 #gayromance #mmromance  @cmcorettauthor


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