Sexy Excerpt from LIES & DECEPTION

Holy fuck!

If it weren’t for the flex of the muscles under his palms, Mitch would have thought he was dreaming. A nearly naked Finn was like the vision in his dream come true. A dream had woken him from a disturbed night’s sleep, where he’d been up periodically to check on Finn. A dream where Finn came to him. And now he was in Mitch’s arms. Nearly.

I should let go. I should push past.

He should follow through with his original plan to escape to the bathroom and take care of the raging hard-on he’d woken up with, but God help him, he could hardly bring himself to breathe, let alone move.

He was lost in the bright blue eyes that turned darker , the pupils swallowing the irises. Finn blinked, and Mitch’s gaze roamed from Finn’s eyes to his lips, his freshly shaved jaw, then to his throat. Finn swallowed heavily, and his Adam’s apple held Mitch’s attention. Mitch wanted to lean in and feel the movement with his mouth, to suck at Finn’s throat where he could see his pulse ticking. Mitch couldn’t help himself, not after so many weeks of longing and the couple of days spent in such close quarters. He took a step back but didn’t let go of Finn’s arms, wanting, needing to make sure Finn didn’t move.

The small amount of space allowed his gaze to wander farther down Finn’s body, taking in the smooth torso with golden skin and the tattoos that adorned his flesh. Angel wings stretched from shoulder to shoulder under his clavicles and took up most of his chest. His arms were inked from his biceps to his wrists. Finn was like a walking work of art, but that wasn’t what took the last of Mitch’s breath away. What sucked all the air from Mitch’s lungs was Finn’s obvious arousal, the towel wrapped tightly around his hips unable to hide his erection. Mitch’s gaze roamed slowly upward over Finn’s taut stomach, past his mouthwatering chest and that sexy-as-hell tattoo, past the lips he wanted to lean in and taste, until he finally met Finn’s eyes. What he saw there stunned him.

The desire being radiated back was undeniable.

Finn trembled under Mitch’s touch—or maybe that was his own hands shaking—as time stood still. Head full of jumbled thoughts—should I, shouldn’t I?—then the tiniest movement made up his mind. Finn leaned forward. The motion was hardly discernible but left no doubt and caused Mitch’s heart to race. Finn wanted him, and that was all Mitch needed to know. He wouldn’t have been able to hold back now, even if he wanted to.


Lies & Deception by Nic StarrDetective Mitch O’Neill is the ideal man to infiltrate the Soldiers of Fury Motorcycle Club. His ex-boyfriend, Peter, is pledged with the club, which provides Mitch with the perfect cover. Despite the relationship ending badly, he’s come to terms with Peter’s drug addiction and his inability to help. All Mitch wants now is to bring down the Soldiers and the club president, Rocky Cummings, once and for all.

Finn Cummings hates everything the motorcycle club stands for, but he’s unable to escape his brother’s clutches. When Mitch is assigned as Finn’s driver, they spend countless hours together, and the saying proves true—opposites do attract. Finn agonizes over his feelings for Mitch—the last thing he wants is to involve himself further with criminals, not when he wants to leave that world. Mitch tries to come to terms with falling for a member of the outlaw club he’s determined to destroy.

If they can survive the fallout from Rocky’s violence and the investigation, they might discover it’s not a case of opposites attract after all.



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