A sexy snippet from PATRICK’S SAVIOR #gayromance #mmromance

A sexy snippet from PATRICK’S SAVIOR #gayromance #mmromance

Photo by Cristian Álvarez on Unsplash


The kiss started as a gentle brush of lips, but too many months of waiting, of wanting, meant it deepened quickly. Hot and wet, mouths opened and tongues tangled. Simon tasted of red wine, and his lips held a hint of chlorine from the water. Both were flavors Patrick would forever associate with this man. They pulled apart, foreheads resting together, and Patrick drew in a shuddering breath. His body tingled from top to toe, and the hard-on that had disappeared earlier was back with a vengeance, pushing at the flimsy fabric of his briefs.

Patrick practically crawled onto Simon’s lap, wrapping his arms around Simon’s shoulders, hands slipping over wet skin to pull him closer for another kiss. This new position, straddling Simon’s thighs, brought their chests into contact, and the firm muscles pressed tightly against his own, his nipples grazing on coarse hair as Simon dragged Patrick up his body.

Simon whispered against the side of his face. “I felt something was holding you back. You’re sure you’re up for this?”

“Does this feel like anything is holding me back?” Patrick thrust his hips, ensuring Simon was fully aware of the effect he was having on him. “C’mon.” Water splashed as he clambered off Simon’s lap, eager to get moving, to get them horizontal, and stood in front of him.

Before he could move any further, Simon grasped his hips.


Patrick looked down to see Simon staring in front him. The new position had brought his evident erection, encased in sopping wet cotton, front and center. A sudden flood of embarrassment washed over Patrick, but it didn’t last long, replaced by a wave of lust and more blood rushing to his groin, hardening him further. Oh, my God. Having Simon so close, so focused, was a total turn-on. He swayed as the strength left his legs, but Simon’s grip held him firm, the press of each finger likely to leave a mark in Patrick’s skin, he was holding on so tight. And that tightness felt right. Patrick wanted—more than wanted, he ached—to have Simon’s mark on his body, to be possessed by him.

The moment stretched to a minute—Patrick trembling, Simon not moving, just watching, and Jesus, the tension, the anticipation. His body craved Simon, longing for him to make a move, to touch him, and when he did, Patrick nearly shouted with gratitude.

As Simon ran a single finger along the length of Patrick’s dick, getting to a bed became the last thing on his mind. He’d stay in the swirling water until his skin pruned up if it meant he was the center of Simon’s world. And that was exactly how he felt, as if he was the most precious object on earth. It was amazing how such a simple touch—the stroke of one fingertip through a layer of fabric—could have such an effect. God help him once they were skin on skin.



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#MusicMonday #equality

#MusicMonday #equality

Hurts with Beautiful Ones

“Hurts return with the release of their brand new single Beautiful Ones which the band describe as a “celebration of individuality”, arrives alongside this startling new video. The video to Beautiful Ones is one of provocative poignancy. Themes of hate, love, brutality and beauty are explored throughout the piece which is rooted in both intrigue and empathy.”


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Finding His Place now available FREE on Kindle Unlimited

Finding His Place now available FREE on Kindle Unlimited

I’m excited to announce that Finding His Place is now available FREE on Kindle Unlimited for US subscribers of the KU program. Unfortunately there’s still no word on when Kindle Worlds will expand internationally.

This book was written as part of the Memories with the Breakfast Club Kindle Worlds. This ‘world’ brings together two of Felice Stevens much-loved series and a number of m/m authors have contributed a story so check them out too!

Finding His Place on Kindle Unlimited

If you don’t already have a Kindle Unlimited subscription, you can try out the service for free.

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Sometimes finding your place in the world can lead to love.

Kieran Walters is the illegitimate son of a successful businessman. Despite striving to win his father’s affection, a confrontation that has been years in the making leaves Kieran devastated to realize he will never be good enough. Jealous of the half brother he’s never met, and who most likely doesn’t know of his existence, Kieran vows to find out what makes his brother so special in their father’s eyes.

Darius Jensen manages a nightclub. He loves his job, but is reluctant to commit when given the opportunity to become a partner. His previous foray into business ownership with a boyfriend had disastrous results, and Darius is still paying the price, both financially and emotionally.

When Kieran starts working with Darius at Sparks, Darius shows him it’s not too late for Kieran to realize his dreams—the fulfilling career, a loving family, and someone who loves him for who he is. If only Kieran can convince Darius of the same thing. But before Kieran’s and Darius’s dreams can come true, Kieran needs to come clean with his brother and deal with the resulting fallout… which threatens his relationship with Darius.

Part of the Memories with the Breakfast Club Kindle World

Finding His Place by Nic Starr (Memories of the Breakfast Club Kindle Worlds)

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Because this book is part of Kindle Worlds, it is only available on the US site. Hopefully they will expand their program soon.

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If you don’t already have a Kindle Unlimited subscription, you can try out the service for free.

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Happy reading!

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#MusicMonday #equality

#MusicMonday #equality

Here’s another song where I don’t understand the language so have no idea what is being sung. The video tells a story but I’m still not 100% sure what’s going on. I need to seek out a translation 🙂



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Tweet: Weekly #MusicMonday post from @NicStarr_Author 🌈🎵💕 Bringing together music & #gayromance #LoveIsLove #mmromance http://bit.ly/2db0W3Z

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FRIEND FRIDAY: One Word by Anne Barwell #gayromance #FriendlyFriday @annebarwell

I’m pleased to be joined by Anne Barwell today as part of her blog tour for her latest release. Judging from the excerpt, it sounds fabulous and there’s a giveaway!

Thanks for hosting me today as part of my blog tour for One Word, the 3rd book in my Hidden Places series from Dreamspinner Press.

In most mystery detective stories, there is a big reveal of the bad guy, and the heroes need to take him down.  It’s also a good place in the story for the heroes to shine, and show how they react under pressure.  Donovan and Ethan have very different personalities, and while Donovan has had experience under fire, Ethan hasn’t, so that put an interesting spin on things too.  I also enjoyed being able to add Doug—an English copper, and Heidi’s boyfriend—into the action mix.  He didn’t have much of a role in the first two books in the series, so it was great to be able to explore his character a bit more in this one.

Fight scenes are always fun to write, especially as I need to keep track of where everyone and everything is.  I’ve never lived down the time one of my beta readers pointed out to me I’d lost a horse!  I love my beta readers, especially when they encourage me to do things a little differently.  When it came to discussing the big showdown with the bad guy in One Word, we debated drawing diagrams with paper and pencils but decided to do something much more interesting and fun!

So…  cue choreographing the fight scene with plushies.  It’s a lot of fun, especially when you add in the dialogue. We did this one in two stages, so there are two different types of plushies.  We used what was available and we were in different locations.

In this first photo, the devil plushie is the good guy, and the poor sheep has been dealt with in true heroic fashion!  It’s not exactly the way he goes down in the scene, but the photo was too good not to share.

In the second the dragon has been cornered by rabbits. But why is that one rabbit on the ground? Has he been injured or….?   And that other bunny looks particularly menacing.  Let’s hope he’s one of the good guys.  And one of the other rabbits is coming up behind the dragon….

Silliness aside, it’s a great way of making sure everyone in the scene is where they’re meant to be, and of course it’s very important to take reference photos….


A Hidden Places Story

Ethan Leavitt arrives in the idyllic village of Oakwood to search for a missing friend. Having always prided himself on his ability to find rational explanations, Ethan’s trust in concrete evidence and logic is tested by the mystery of Oakwood and Tomas’s disappearance.

Donovan Campbell’s happy, sometimes flippant, exterior hides a past he’d rather forget. As he struggles with his memories and to hold on to the inn he owns with his best friend, the last thing Donovan needs is for some guy he’s only just met to start getting under his skin. When a bank robbery escalates into a dangerous situation, Donovan must embrace a part of himself he can no longer ignore in order to save a future that might never have the chance to exist.

Ethan learns that often the person you’re looking for is not the one you find. But have he and Donovan both realized that too late…?


“If you want to talk anytime, I don’t mind listening.” Donovan glanced at the screen, then back to Ethan. Everyone else in the room was focused on the movie, and he’d kept his voice low so they wouldn’t be overheard. “Not now of course, but later.”

“I’m fine,” Ethan repeated. He edged toward the other end of the sofa, away from Donovan. “Thanks, though,” he added quickly. He did appreciate the offer, but it wasn’t a good idea.

“Time for a break,” Heidi announced, grabbing the remote and hitting Pause. “Doug and Mikey, come help me make drinks and bring in supper.”

“I don’t—” Mikey started to stay.

Doug cut him off. “I don’t know about you, Mikey, but one of the first things I learned about Heidi is that she means she really needs help but doesn’t want to admit it.” He winked at Mikey. “I’m sure Indy wouldn’t leave a lady in need to fend for herself.”

“Well, if you put it that way, I suppose.” Mikey got to his feet and followed Heidi out of the room. “Heidi, do you think Dad would mind if I texted him to see how Granddad is?”

“I’m sure he wouldn’t,” Heidi replied. “I think it’s a great idea.”

“Nice psychology there, Doug,” Ethan said. He didn’t think for a moment that Heidi needed the help, considering how organized she was.

“About as subtle as Heidi,” Donovan murmured. “The two of you are a match made in heaven, I swear.”

“There’s nothing wrong with my hearing either,” Doug said, although he didn’t sound offended by Donovan’s comment. “I’m going to help out in the kitchen.” He collected the empty popcorn bowl. “We’ll be at least five minutes.”

“Yeah, real subtle,” Donovan said.

“Huh?” Ethan wasn’t sure what Donovan was on about. “I think it’s sweet that Doug likes helping Heidi in the kitchen. A lot of guys don’t, and one person in the relationship gets to do all the work.”

Another mark against Duncan.

Perhaps the long walk Ethan had taken that morning hadn’t been such a great idea. It had given him too much time to think, and reflection wasn’t something he did well, especially of late.

“Yeah, he looks after her. I’d be having words with him if he didn’t.” Donovan cleared his throat. “You seem real distracted this evening, Ethan. Did something happen?”

“I’m not distracted,” Ethan said. “I’m enjoying the movie.”

The last part of what he’d said was true, at least. It appeared there was something to the genre Tomas had spent years trying to get him to read and watch after all.

“Uh-huh.” Donovan put his hands behind his head and leaned back on the sofa, keeping his tone casual. “That’s what all the stuff about helping out in the kitchen was about. Doug and Heidi are both good at reading people. You’ve gotten more and more distracted and agitated over the past twenty minutes or so. I bet if I asked you what was happening in the movie before Heidi hit Pause, you wouldn’t be able to tell me.”

“I know exactly what’s going on,” Ethan said indignantly. “And weren’t you supposed to be watching the movie instead of me? Can you tell me what happened in the last five minutes?”

“I’ve seen it before. I can quote this movie in my sleep, so answering that question isn’t going to prove anything.”

“So you admit you were watching me?”

Donovan blushed bright red. For a moment, he seemed flustered as hell. “Umm… I mean…. You’re changing the focus of this conversation onto me.”

“So?” Ethan brushed imaginary crumbs from his jeans. He sighed. As much as he thought Donovan looked hot—

No, not going there.

“Look, I’m sorry,” Ethan tried again. “I appreciate your concern, but it’s not something I want to talk about. With anyone.” He attempted an olive branch, not because he wanted to, but because…. The last thing he wanted was to upset anyone, and especially not Donovan.

“Don’t worry, it’s not about Tomas. If I’d heard something, I would have told you, okay? I know you’re concerned about him too.”

“Okay.” Donovan raised his arms in mock surrender. “I won’t ask about your crap if you don’t ask about mine.”

“I was only being concerned last night,” Ethan protested. Surely Donovan wasn’t going to bring that up now, after pretending it hadn’t existed all day?

“That’s all I’m doing now,” Donovan said softly. “Deal?”

“Oh.” Ethan ignored the way his cheeks flamed. Donovan had neatly turned Ethan’s indignation back on himself. “Point taken.” He took a deep breath, knowing he didn’t have any option but to agree. “Deal.”

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Blog Tour

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Author Bio

Anne Barwell lives in Wellington, New Zealand.  She shares her home with two cats who are convinced that the house is run to suit them; this is an ongoing “discussion,” and to date it appears as though the cats may be winning.

In 2008 she completed her conjoint BA in English Literature and Music/Bachelor of Teaching. She has worked as a music teacher, a primary school teacher, and now works in a library. She is a member of the Upper Hutt Science Fiction Club and plays violin for Hutt Valley Orchestra.

She is an avid reader across a wide range of genres and a watcher of far too many TV series and movies, although it can be argued that there is no such thing as “too many.” These, of course, are best enjoyed with a decent cup of tea and further the continuing argument that the concept of “spare time” is really just a myth. She also hosts other authors, reviews for the GLBTQ Historical Site “Our Story” and Top2Bottom Reviews, and writes monthly blog posts for Authors Speak and Love Bytes.

Anne’s books have received honorable mentions four times and reached the finals three times in the Rainbow Awards.  She has also been nominated twice in the Goodreads M/M Romance Reader’s Choice Awards—once for Best Fantasy and once for Best Historical.

Website & Blog: http://annebarwell.wordpress.com/

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/anne.barwell.1

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/sylvrebarwellhoffmann/

Google+: https://plus.google.com/u/0/115084832208481414034/posts

Instagram: https://instagram.com/anne.barwell

Twitter: https://twitter.com/annebarwell

Goodreads: http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/4862410.Anne_Barwell

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Some thoughts on the Goodreads Choice Awards

Some thoughts on the Goodreads Choice Awards

I know it’s something that’s been raised before, but I really wish Goodreads would listen to their members regarding categories for the Choice Awards. They promote the awards as “The choice is yours! Vote for the best books of the year in the Goodreads Choice Awards, the only major book awards decided by readers.” but they really need to pay more attention to the readers who are members of the site and who are voting.

My concern is lack of recognition for LGBTIQ+ romance (and my thoughts in this post relate purely to romance, not other categories). Firstly, I don’t think any LGBTIQ+ romance books were selected by the Goodreads editors in the initial nominations but I’m happy to be corrected.

I believe there needs to be a specific category for LGBTIQ+ romance. Sure, we could nominate these books under ‘Romance’ but here they are lost. It is important to bring more visibility to those books written about a marginalised group of people, so that they don’t get overshadowed in this popularity contest.

Making this small change would also reflect the interests of Goodreads readers who are members of groups. Out of the thousand+ groups on Goodreads, the M/M Romance Group is #9 in popularity (see the full list of popular groups here).

Let’s look at the top genre-based groups and their memberships…

#6 Addicted to YA       26,648
#9 M/M Romance       22,898
#10 !Poetry!       20,605
#12 SciFi and Fantasy Book Club       19,165
#14 Paranormal & Urban Fantasy       18,908
#19 The Mystery, Crime & Thriller Group       16,601

Below are the current 20 award categories. It’s interesting to see that YA, Poetry, Mystery, Sci-Fi, Fantasy (as per the other groups above) are on the list. M/M Romance has 22,898 members but no award category. One of the most popular genres isn’t represented in the awards.

This is a potentially contentious issue. I know that there will be people saying that Romance should be further broken down into historical romance, contemporary romance, paranormal romance and so on, or that there should be other categories assessed or added to the awards, including other diverse groups. I’m not saying these other categories shouldn’t be addressed, but that isn’t the focus of the discussion here. Even within an LGBTIQ+ Romance category, I acknowledge that the pairing of M/M will be more popular than other books in this overall category, but at least an overall category would be a step in the right direction.

I would like to see Goodreads review their process and categories, and give consideration to being more inclusive in their awards, in line with their member’s interests.

Nic xx